ręczna nawijarka do folii z licznikiem długosci
ręczne nawijanie i przewijanie folii
maszyna nawijania i przewiajnia folii
mierzenie folii, nawijanie folii


Winding and measuring of foil becomes simple

Foil winder with a length meter Pionier A160 is a manual device used for measuring and winding of roof foil, panels foam, vapour barrier films and flush-mounted nets from big production casters used for small merchant quantities.


  • A winder for materials in a roll from 0,5 m to 2 m of width
  • We can adapt to your needs, the possibility of making a computer project 
  • A Possibility of winding on paper gaskets, tubes, rolls
  • Thanks to the movable wheels the winder is easy to move, it can work as a foil stand - there is a possibility to enlarge the quantity of rolls hung
  • Only one person is needed to use the device
  • The foil is measured thanks to a mechanic meter of high accuracy (12 months of warranty which complies with the norm EN 50581:2012, directive EN 50581:2012, it also possesses a certificate of compatibility- additional payment. A meter without a certificate is included in the standard)
  • High functionality and reliability at a competitive price
  • The winder shortens the time of work which lowers the costs, and makes the client’s satisfaction bigger because he or she buys less foil
  • There is a possibility to organize the transportation of the device

After measuring and winding of the foil needed you just have to cut it and take off the fork


                             Have a look at how it works - film

There is a possibility to customize the winder to the customer’s needs and introduce changes in the construction of the winder. 



Price: 1990 zł  

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